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It is used for measuring the oxygen level of the blood. For measuring, fingertip put in oximeter and within 1 minute it gives results on the display screen in the form of 1. SPO2, 2. Heart Beat Rate in BPM & additionally PI Values & Graph.

The safe range of SPO2 is 92 to 100%. Below that you have immediately contact your Doctor.


In the Corona period, we were aware of the ventilator & Oxygen Cylinder. Both of them require in case of an acute drop of oxygen in the human body means hypoxemia.

A new condition called ‘Happy Hypoxia or Hypoxemia or hypoxia’ has been found in COVID-19 patients.

Hypoxemia is a condition in which the body or a particular region of the body does not receive an adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level.

The tissues are unable to sustain normal body functions. So patient, who is suffering from Hypoxemia leads to catastrophic heart failure, even if when they had no history of cardiac disease.


“Happy Hypoxemia” is common to Covid-19 patients even after discharge from the hospital after getting the Covid-19 Negative report.

In such a case, Covid-19 patients are looking quite normal. They are easy walking with any support and also not suffering from fever. But suddenly they get a cardiac arrest.

So behind such an unfortunate incident is “Happy hypoxia”.

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The working of oximeter is based on The Beer-Lambert law, also known as Beer’s law. As per Beer’s law, the light absorptive capacity of a dissolved substance is directly proportional to its concentration in a solution.


Oximeter has a photodetector and 2 light-emitting diodes. When we put fingertip or earlobe in Oximeter, both diodes emit light from the top and some amount of light have absorbed by tissues of the artery, not a vein or fingertip.

The photodetector filled in the lower side of the oximeter detects the amount of light absorbed and calculates the hemoglobin concentration.


The first diode emits at the red spectrum and one diode emits light at the infrared spectrum. Oxy-hemoglobin in tissues absorbs more light at 600-800 nm and deoxy-hemoglobin absorb more at 800 -1000 nm.

This incident is analyzed by photodetectors. After the analysis of absorbed lights, The photodetector calculates the concentration of hemoglobin.

Finally, the oximeter shows Hemoglobin concentration (Spo2) and Heartbeat rate (BPM) also PI (Perfusion Index). PI is the ratio of the pulsatile blood flow to the non-pulsatile static blood flow in peripheral tissue.

BPM range for normal is 60 to 100 beats per minute.

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DISPLAY TYPE & CONTENT:- There are two types of display LED & Digital. Red color display for Digital Oximeter. The multi-color display means LED Display. Led Display comes with graph presentation also.

But for the common man, Spo2 & BPM reading is sufficient. Low-priced oximeter comes with a digital display only.

A highly-priced oximeter shows spo2, BPM, PI & graph also in LED display. Multi-direction display in bigger fonts is better for visibility.


WARRANTY:- 1-year warranty is better for the purchase of Oximeter. Local manufactures can able to provide you service on demand.


ACCURACY & CAPABILITY:-Good oximeter can take oxygen reading from 25 to 100% approx with ±2% accuracy In the case of BPM, it will be 25to 250 BPM with ± 2 BPM. For PI, it will be 0.5 to 20%.


ADDITIONAL FEATURES:-Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity, Able to connect customized Apps, Memory for reading storage, waterproof, Water-resistant as IP22,

Foreign products are CE & FDA certified, audiovisual alarm for a dangerous level of SPo2, Low battery consuming, battery level indicator, etc.



FOREIGN PRODUCTS:-Dr. Trust from the USA, Hesley from Germany, Concord from the USA, Choicemmed from China. Normally their brand/ Company name is impregnated on the product. Price Range: Rs. 2500.00 to 5000.00


INDIAN OLD BUT REPUTED COMPANIES:-BPL Medical Technologies, Hicks India, Dr. Odin are companies that have experienced more than 15 years in the medical field. Normally their brand/company name is impregnated on the product. Price Range: Rs. 1500.00 to 4000.00


NEWER REPUTED INDIAN COMPANIES:- Ambitech, Microgene ( Accusure), Sahyog Wellness. Their brand/ company name may be impregnated on the product. Price Range: Rs. 1500.00 to 2500.00


NEWEST INDIAN BRAND: Dr. Vaku, Contec, Thermocare, VRcast.Probably they import quality oximeter from China.

Some of them are authorized Indian agents or Tie-up with them. After the quality check, they are selling them on their brand name.

Normally their brand/company name is not impregnated on the product. Price Range: Rs. 900.00 to 1500.00



Before the purchase of oxymeter go through the post and then decide your oximeter Brand & Model. For ready reference,I have mentioned the purchase link of some products, on clicking them you will land on the purchasing page. From here you can easily purchase the desired product.




  1. VRCast
  2. Thermocare
  3. Dr Vaku
  4. Contec
  5. Dr Trust
  6. Concord
  7. Hesley
  8. BPL
  9. Dr Odin
  10. Ambitech
  11. Sahyog wellness
  12. Accusure


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This video is only for information purposes, not advice. The maker of the video is not responsible for any incidents due to oximeter.

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