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In our daily life, English is the main language for everyone. But all of us make some errors in our English write-up & in Spoken also.


Most of them have occurred because English is not our mother tongue. Here, I want to inform you about English learning websites.


The best thing about these websites/ applications, they are suitable for your mobile.


After the installation of your smartphone, You can improve your English. For illustration, I have shown below some common mistakes.


I. Pronoun Errors

Incorrect Sentence:-Everybody must bring their own Bag.

Correct Sentence:-Everybody must bring his or her own Bag.

Remarks:-If the noun is singular, the pronoun must be singular.


II. Word Confusion (I)

Incorrect Sentence:-This book had a great affect on me.

Correct Sentence:-This book had a great effect on me.

Remarks:-“Effect” word is a noun, which means the change itself.


III. Word Confusion (II)

Incorrect Sentence:-This book effected me.

Correct Sentence:-This book affected me.

Remarks:-Effect” word is verb, means the act of changing.


IV. Use of Preposition with Verb

Incorrect Sentence:-Let us discuss about this matter.

Correct Sentence:-Let us discuss this matter.

Remarks:-The verb “discuss” does not take a preposition before the object.


V. Misplaced Modifiers

Incorrect Sentence:-He found a gold man’s watch.

Correct Sentence:-He found a man’s gold watch.

Remarks:-Meaning of both sentences is not the same.



Scientific Method
Scientific Method

1.Brainpop ( https://www.brainpop.com ):-

It is a complete guide website for your children in English & also for other papers. There are also some tutorials for kinder Garden Studying children.


Grammar Bites
Grammar Bites

2. Chompchomp (www.chompchomp.com):-

It contains practice sets for every topic of grammar. You can download them & practice for your learning.


english club
english club

3. Englishclub ( www.englishclub.com):-

It gives u all types of English learning material such as music, handout, practice sets. Both students & teachers can use it.


road to grammar
road to grammar

4. Road to Grammar ( www.roadtogrammar.com):-

It is having sections for Kids, Teacher, Business English etc. Here is quiz & pdf files. After downloading it, u can use it as per your requirement.


english grammar
English grammar

5. English grammar (www.englishgrammar.org):-

It teaches you English written language & improves your writing skills in both personal and formal communications. It provides materials from the very basics such as understanding the meaning of verbs and nouns and correct apostrophe placement or wanting to understand more complex topics such as conjunctions, syntax optimization, and creative writing techniques.


hemingway editor
Hemingway editor

5. Hemingway App ( www.hemingwayapp.com):-

It is basically useful for professional writers. When you submit your write-up, it gives you comment on your write & suggestion for improvement. its main job is to improve the overall readability of your article.


5. Ginger software ( www.gingersoftware.com):-

It also helps you writing through its various tools such as Text Reader, Grammar Check, Personal Trainer, Dictionary, Translation, etc. It is very useful for professional writers.



6. Grammarly ( www.grammarly.com):-

It is a popular tool for English grammar and able to integrate with the Chrome browser. It corrects your grammar mistakes, gives you vocabulary suggestions, and even checks your text for plagiarism.


All above-mentioned pictures are used for illustrative purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.

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