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Blogging for business from ahref




From many times, i am aware of this course from “ahref”. But due to lack of time, I can’t learn this course earlier. Now in the Corona lockdown period, I got time for completing this course.

After going through the course “Blogging for business”, I found that it is very helpful for website & blog owners to convert their traffic into customers.

So i want to share my learnings from this course in brief. Below mentioned points are outlined ( Chapter name & Duration) only of this reputed course -“Blogging for business”.

For deep learning, you must go through this course via this link,it is free at present.


Chapter 1:- The compound effect of content marketing

The primary goal of blogging for business – 2.20 minutes.

Three main customer acquisition channels- 4.16 minutes.

The main reason why most blogs fail- 6.47 minutes.


Chapter 2:- Two major strategies of growing a blog

The anatomy of the “Spike of hope” – 4.41 minutes.

Two major strategies of growing a blog- 5.09 minutes.

Busting the “publish more often” myth- 3.37 minutes.

How to convert visitors into subscribers- 2.36 minutes.


Chapter 3:- How to analyze the traffic potential and ranking difficulty of a keyword

How to test your article ideas for “search demand” – 4.06 minutes.

How to determine the full traffic potential of a keyword – 5.49 minutes.

How to find the best keyword to target- 3.51 minutes.

How to determine your chances to rank in Google – 6.36 minutes.

How to use Keyword Difficulty metric in Ahrefs – 5.23 minutes.


Chapter 4:- How to find great content ideas with high business value

How to discover great content ideas by studying your niche – 5.12 minutes.

How to generate keyword ideas using keyword research tools – 4.46 minutes.

How to find keywords that your competitors are ranking for – 2.58 minutes.

How to find low-hanging content ideas from all over the web – 4.18 minutes.

How to prioritize your list of content ideas – 5.00 minutes.


Chapter 5:- How to optimize your article for a target keyword and generate maximum search traffic with it

What is “searcher intent” and how to match it – 5.59 minutes.

How to optimize your article for a given keyword – 4.46 minutes.

How to squeeze maximum search traffic out of your article – 2.58 minutes.

How to perform an SEO audit of your published content – 4.18 minutes.



Chapter 6:- How to create great content that promotes itself

Why your content has to be great – 4.50 minutes.

How to create content that people will care to read and share with others – 7.15 minutes.

How to create unique content that will stand out – 3.45 minutes.


Chapter 7:- How to create link-worthy content (and stop worrying about link building)

Do you always need backlinks to rank? – 7.13 minutes.

How to create content that attracts backlinks – 5.26 minutes.

The rarely mentioned “secret” to acquiring backlinks – 3.56 minutes.


Chapter 8:- How to promote your content & make it rank high in Google

Four common mistakes of content promotion – 12.25 minutes.

The best content promotion strategies reviewed – 6.31 minutes.

How to compete with the “big guys” in Google search results – 3.04 minutes.


Chapter 9:- How to build backlinks to your blog content

The best link-building strategies for blogs – 6.15 minutes.

How to get backlink ideas from your competitors – 8.05 minutes.

How to build links via guest blogging – 8.23 minutes .

Simple guest blogging “hacks” for better results in less time – 4.28 minutes.


Chapter 10:- How to build links & promote content via blogger outreach

How to use “Outreach” for content promotion – 7.13 minutes.

How to find thousands of high-quality outreach prospects- 9:59 minutes.

How to write ridiculously effective outreach emails: – 6.55 minutes.


Chapter 11:- Guest Interviews

Noah Kagan — On growing an audience – 24:43 minutes.

Bryan Harris — On list building – 35:00 minutes.

Ramsay Taplin — On starting a blog – 35:12 minutes.





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