Business Vs  Govt. Job  Comparison As A Career Option

Recently, an engineering graduate has asked me that starting a business at hometown is better or doing a non-executive job far from my native town. Then I think about it & make a comparison between both options.


Only UPSC, State PSC, PSU companies & banks can provide you with executive jobs in India. Normally job through SSC, RRC, and RRB (up to GP – 4600 as 6th Pay Commission) provides you non-executive cadre jobs without any scope of promotions.


Any type of business activity comes under Self Employment. Generally, small shopkeepers, Doctors, Lawyers come under this category of Self-Employed.


For illustration purposes, I have taken two cases from my society, First (Aakash) has joined Central Government Organisation in the new town far from his native town & second (Ajay) is running his own business as a furniture shop in his hometown. See ten-point comparisons listed below in the form of the passage of life.




After completion of his Graduation degree, AJAY starts his business at hometown and Aakash joins his job after a technical degree far from home. Aakash has a cool job whether Ajay is struggling to set his business up to 2-3 years.



Now Aakash booked a flat & purchased CAR on EMI. But Ajay is living in his parent’s home. But Ajay also bought the car on EMI.40- 50% of Aakash’s salary & 20-30% of Ajay’s Income spend on their loan.


3. THIRD:-

After 3-4 year, Ajay did love marriage with a local town girl, whereas Aakash married another town girl through an arranged marriage. Next year Ajay also starts construction of the first floor of his ancestor home with his saved money. Aakash is busy repaying his loans.



After two years of marriage, a new baby born in the homes of both friends. For the medical benefit, Aakash has medical benefits from his organization. But Ajay uses the medical facility as his requirement on a paid basis or as per his Medical claim Policy.


5. FIFTH:-

Ajay’s child plays with his grandparents, whereas Aakash’s child with mobile & TV. Ajay can care personally for his parents, whereas Aakash can advise only his parents during their illness but can’t able to see them due to his job responsibility.


6. SIXTH:-

Gradually Ajay is increasing his business & properties due to freedom of work. Ajay has a busy life, whereas Aakash has a relaxed life, but monotonous work & no scope of promotion.



After the 10th class, they sent their children to Kota (Rajasthan) or New Delhi for medical coaching classes. Both have got admission to medical college.



After 60 years, Aakash has retired from his job & settled down in the new city in his 2-3 BHK flat. But Ajay has converted him into a Businessman by becoming an authorized dealer of the reputed company. Now he is doing business again but without day-to-day hassle.



Due to the new NPS (New Pension Scheme), Aakash got a lump sum amount as retirement amount & balance money as his monthly pension amount. His son posted as a Doctor in Govt. Hospital in the new city. Ajay’s son is also a doctor. He starts his own small Hospital with the help of his father’s money in his native town. This means again Ajay got his family. The means cycle again started.



Ajay initially faces a lot of challenges & very slow growth up to the initial 2-3 years, After that, he gets rapid growth. Aakash has steady growth & faces no problem in his Govt. Job.

At age of 50, he converted himself into, all-weather Businessman. But Aakash retired at age of 60.

Aakash’s son is also living with him. But Aakash’s son also settles in the new town like him.

Ajay has served both the country & society both. He provides also employability to some young boys through his business. But Aakash has only served the country.



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