Post topic is “How to find deleted CNAME of the blogger”. CNAME issue occurs, when blogger domain converted into any domain provider others such as Godaddy. During domain transfer, you have to fill CNAME in another domain.

Basically, my blog has been disappeared from the web on 22 August 2020. My blog problem is concerned to deleted CNAME. So here I am sharing the Technique-“How to find deleted CNAME of the blogger”.

In spite of the personal problem, It helps to bloggers to find deleted CNAME of the blogger. So I am sharing the whole story with you. Blog disappearance is due to some technical issues with my Domain provider Godaddy. 


On 22 August, I have done login in Cloudflare. It provides content-delivery-network services, DDoS mitigation, Internet security, and distributed domain-name-server services. Cloudflare is in between a website’s visitor and the Cloudflare user’s hosting provider.


Cloudflare acts as a reverse proxy for websites. The goal is to provide high availability and performance by distributing the service spatially relative to end-users.


After login in Cloudflare, all DNS (Domain Name Server) data has been uploaded from my Domain Provider Godaddy Website to Cloudflare site. For more details about types of DNS records, please see the Wikipedia link .



cloudflare,How to find deleted CNAME of the blogger




I received a message from Cloudflare, some more settings are required to complete the change of Name server from Godaddy. I visited the site of Godaddy & Cloudflare both. But due to mistake, I have removed CNAME from DNS settings at the Godaddy.

As a result, my blog disappeared from the internet. It is a very panic situation for me. Due to my professional life business, I am not able to give more time to rectify these issues. After passing 1-2 days, I have contacted Godaddy Customer care.

They attended my call & try to illustrate my solution. Also they discuss the technique “How to find deleted CNAME of the blogger”. But they go in vain.


DAY 4 – 5

They inform me that my Hostname or CNAME has been deleted by my default page from Godaddy. So my domain is unable to connect with my hosting. Actually by mistake, I have deleted my Host Name from Godday setting.

Since my hosting is on the Blogger website, I started to find my CNAME (Canonical Name Record) on blogger. But it has also been removed during the transfer of my NS from blogger to Godaddy.



blogger setting,How to find deleted CNAME of the blogger


DAY 6 – 7

Now I am starting to searching for various help groups & online searches for CNAME of Blogger. I have typed various queries on the internet such as

1. How to find deleted CNAME of the blogger?

2. Way to find cname of blogger

3. Where do I get cname records for a domain?

4. What is the hostname blogger?

5. Which is the default cname of the blogger domain?

I got various answers to my question. But I need a specific CNAME of my blogger account. I don’t get a particular answer to the question. During all time, various types of notifications are shown on my page after typing: For some time, Godaddy showed that the website is probably under sale & an agent will try for it if demanded.

Lastly, I got the solution. I find the option “Revert to legacy Blogger” at last of the left panel of the Blogger setting page. After reverting to legacy mode, I remove the custom domain name. And again get the option” + Set up a third-party URL for your blog – Point your own registered URL to your blog.”. 

To apply this method, I got the specific CNAME of my blog: CNAME has been put in Godaddy setting correctly, them my blog reappeared on the internet on 27.08.2020.




1. Always take a backup of your blog content & CNAME Details.

2. Before applying any new set up, take a record or snapshot of the default setting.

3. So in case of any problem, you can revert all changes by putting default settings.

4. Help group of Blogger, Godaddy & Cloudflare is effective.

5. But in the particular case, they will fail.


The post is only for information purposes. All images & Brand names have used for illustration purposes only not intended for infringement of copyright. 


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