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HRMS ID & Password


In this post, I have explained the finding of HRMS Id and also the technique for reset or Forget password option for Railway employees.


HRMS ( Human Resource Management System) is an interface between employees & organizations. Commonly it is used for the issue of pass/PTO. However other options also available here.


Generally, the employee gets an HRMS id & password on their registered mobile. But it is possible that they have not their HRMS id. Now for issuance of Journey pass, they need HRMS id.


For finding HRMS id, first, you have to open HRMS website. Type on chrome browser or any other browser on your mobile or desktop.


Reset Password in HRMS

1.  Click on Need Help for Login?.


2. Fill IPAS ID/ HRMS ID in the box &  click on go. For new IPAS id will be NPS no. or PF No. After that, you will get your every detail in popped form, check all data & note down HRMS id (Combination of 6 alphabets).


3. Again go to the website of HRMS Click on forget the password. It opens a page, where you have to fill your HRMS id & send for OTP request on your Mobile No.

password policy in HRMS

4. Now Change Password -The password Policy page will be opened. Now make a strong password & submit. Password will the combination of Capital & Small Alphabets, Numbers & Special characters (@,#,$,% etc) & lengths between 8 to 15.


5. Now login to the HRMS website with your id & newly made password. The password is case-sensitive, so be careful during filling the password. Now your HRMS page will be opened.


6. All process has been done on the Chrome browser instead of the HRMS application. Web Edition of HRMS is better than HRMS application. So it is advisable to do the above process on the chrome /Mozilla browser.

7. Your various types of queries have been answered by this post such as

i)  I have not got HRMS Id SMS from Department. How can i find HRMS id?

ii) I have got id with a password, but i want to make my own password. Then how to process it?

iii)  What is the correct way to create a strong password in HRMS portal?

iv) I have a password & id. But i don’t know the exact web address of HRMS.

v) Lastly, the above post is helpful to find HRMS ID & Reset or Forget Password.PASSWORD


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