“Its Ok Dad” Korean Web-Series is available on Jio Cinema OTT. But Its original name is  “ It’s Okay Because You Are My Dad”. It is a Thought based emotional family Drama.

DESCRIPTION:- “It’s Ok Dad” is the life story of Park Yong-ho (Ahn Nae Sang). Park Yong-ho takes Voluntary Retirement from the job. He wants to spend time with his family.

But he finds that Grown children & mature wife have their choice of life. So he becomes very alone in such a condition.

Unfortunately during a medical checkup, it is found that he is under the initial stage of “Dementia”. As usual family members are busy with their life. In loneliness, he remembers his young age passion.

At a young age, he was an excellent drummer of a rock band. Becoming a professional drummer was the passion of young age. But due to family liability, he forgets his passion.

Now in the initial stage of “Dementia”, He reconciled sincerely his passion and returned to that time of his first love. Drumming gives him a chance to live life happily.

REASON TO WATCH:- “It’s Ok Dad” or “ It’s Okay Because You Are My Dad” Web-Series shows the life of a Dementia sufferer. It says you must have a passion. Passion helps you to live a life even in a difficult situation in life.

PRODUCED BY:- Good Picktures, JL Media Group.

DIRECTOR: Yoon Yeo-Chang

STARRING:- Ahn Nae Sang, Jeon Mi Seon, Kwon Hae Sung, Park Ah In etc

AUDIO:– Hindi


My Little Baby

photo credit : JIO CINEMA


“My Little Baby” Korean Web series is a story about the parenting of a 6-month baby. “My Little Baby” describes the problems of a single parent taking care of his 6-month niece.

This Korean Web-Series is available on Jio Cinema OTT. It is a Comedy based emotional family Drama.

DESCRIPTION:- “My Little Baby” is the story of Cha Jung-Han (Oh Ji-Ho) & his 6-month niece. Cha Jung-Han is a detective in the Korean Police Department.

He is a member of a special investigation team, which deals with vital cases including drugs and gangs.

But one day, Cha Jung-Han gets news death of his sister & husband. They left behind their 6-month baby. Now being maternal uncle, Cha Jung-Han is solely responsible to take care of a 6-month baby (Eun-Ae).

But there is another twist. Cha Jung-Han lives in an apartment, where Han Ye-Seul (Lee Soo-Kyung) also lives. Han Ye-Seul is a divorced single mother who raises her 5-years-old son alone. Han Ye-Seul is Cha Jung-Han’s, first love.

REASON TO WATCH:- You will get a parenting tip for the web series “My Little Baby”. You will aware of Korean culture. Baby activity creates comedy. My Little Baby Web series is a complete family drama.

Produced By:- MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation), Korea

DIRECTOR: Yoon Yeo-Chang

STARRING:- Ahn Oh Ji-Ho, Lee Soo-Kyung, Kim Min-Jae, Nam Ji-Hyun, Jung Soo-sung

AUDIO:– Hindi


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