After the introduction of Electric Motor driven Electric vehicles, the new jobs opportunity comes in the automotive sector. Here I have tried to explain them with available courses for Engineers.


1. Mechanical Engineer As Mechatronics Control Engineer

Earlier vehicles are more mechanical in nature. But now Touch Screens, GPS  System, Electric motor instead of Internal Combustion Engines, Advanced AC system, etc are available in each vehicle.

So there is need of Technical person with knowledge of Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science & Electronics, and Communication.

All desired knowledge comes with Mechatronics Control Engineer. Control Engineering is about creating control systems that can be electrical, mechanical, or chemical in nature.

Course Provider: NIT Surathkhal, NMIMS Mumbai, MIT Manipal, and KIIT Bhubaneshwar, IITs.


2. Design Engineer As an Interaction Designer

Traditional Vehicle Designers only thinks about the vehicle in all respect. But an Interaction Designer also thinks about interior designing along with Designing cars as per new technologies, regulations, and safety norms.

Interaction designers focuses also on human factors such as ergonomics, colors, and materials for designing the vehicle.

Course Providers : 

1. MSME-Tool Room, Hyderabad (Central Institute of Tool Design),

2. Central Tool Room & Training Centre, Bhubaneswar

3. Other CITDs across India



3. Customer Service Executive As Customer Care Expert


The traditional questionnaires can be easily answered by any automated voice system such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s  Alexa, etc.

But interaction questions can be answered only by experts having technical knowledge. The company recruits care experts, which have technical backgrounds with good communication skills.

Since today’s vehicles are more automated, Technical experts are better to explain in deep in favor of every customer’s question.


A better technical explanation of every system of vehicles builds a psychological and emotional connection with the brand. So sales are increasing later.

National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology
National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology

4. Operations Excellence Manager As a Lean Expert


The Operational Excellence Manager is an MBA Degree holder, which coordinates with different teams to implement the best manufacturing practices across them. They define, implement, manage and assess the best practices for the operations of the factories.


But Lean Expert is a person having MBA Degree along with an engineering degree. He has also a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma or equivalent qualification with experience in the manufacturing sector.

They continuously improve the company’s products, operations, systems, and processes and make them more efficient.


5. Clay Modeller As 3D Clay Modeller


Clay model used to design automobile prototypes to visualize a product. Now, 3D Clay Modeller translates a designer’s sketch into a real, full-scale, 3D car to give them the tactile feel of the product and sort out its optimal ergonomics.

The 3D modeling requires additional knowledge of related software, such as Sculpting programs like ZBrush or Mudbox, and Texturing programs like Poly Painting.


6. 3D Printing Technician

3D Printers are quite different from photocopier machines. So a technician requires running, maintaining & repairing the printer.

He is also aware of how to make 3D additive manufacturing and injection molding work. 3D Printing Technician is able to use software to work with 3D printers for making desired parts.


He also assists in the designing and programming of products, ranging from prosthetic products to 3D miniatures.


Reputed Manufacturers :

1. Markforged (,

2. Make3d (


Course Providers:

1. National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology, Aurangabad, (

2. CADD Learning Centre (,


7. Automobile Analytics Engineer

Basically, such types of analytics is experts in the engineering field with knowledge of Big data. It is part of big data analytics.

Big data is helping for applying Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics to manage inventories.

It applies predictive modeling to identify key features that can improve the efficiency of different processes, components & vehicles; and to forecast sales more accurately.

Name of Courses :


I) Certificate Course in Big Data Analytics (CCBDA)

Code : 2017/ITES/CDAC/01815,NSQF Level : Level 7, Notional Hours : 320Sector : IT-ITeS


II)  PG-Diploma in Big Data Analytics (PG-DBDA)

Code: 2017/ITES/CDAC/01793, NSQF Level: Level 8


 Course Providers:

1. National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology,Aurangabad, (  ,

2. Various NIITs, IITs & IIMs in India.


8. Machine learning-based Vehicle Cyber Security Expert

The future is of self-driving cars means  Autonomous vehicles. They employ a combination of sensors, innovative algorithms to detect and respond to their surroundings to run the vehicle.

Basically, they are controlled by radar, laser sensors, GPS, odometry, drive-by-wire control systems, and computer vision. Some of them are regulated by the vehicle internal system & others through the outer network.

So there is a huge chance of a cyber attack on the system, so there is a need for a Machine learning-based Vehicle Cyber Security Expert.

They are automobile/another concerned engineer expert in cybersecurity & Machine learning. They will be able to develop Advance Automobile Security Systems.

They will develop systems that can avoid threats on the road without human interference.


 Course Providers:

1. National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology,Aurangabad, (  ,

2. Various NIITs, IITs & also BITS Pilani in India.


Request: If you are a professional in the above-mentioned jobs, then please comment in the post about your practical experience. It would be beneficial for newcomers or mail us or telegram us.


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