It is a very useful device for the physical fitness of married women & men. It is the all-weather device inside the home. It can enhance your physical fitness & stamina also.

Its name is the motorized treadmill Machine. It is equally good for men & women of any age group.


Benefits of Treadmill

Men can go to the gym or field to exercise. But women are stuck at home to maintain their House Maker Status, so they cannot go to the gym or field at the right time. Children can also use it.

Regular running is very good for your heart health. A strong heart means lowering your blood pressure. This reduces the risk of suffering from something like heart disease and heart attack.

Endorphins are released from the body during running. Endorphins, this chemical makes you feel happy.

Running on a treadmill prevents heart and blood vessel disease by protecting your arteries from fatty blockage.

Running on a treadmill can easily burn about 100 calories for every mile. Running is actually better for weight loss than other aerobic exercises.

Running makes your leg muscles strong. Your stomach muscles become flexible by running. By increasing joint flexibility you can avoid degenerative bone diseases, arthritis.

Running will help build your bone density. Having a high bone density avoids diseases such as osteoporosis. (Osteoporosis – a disease that makes your bones brittle and your joints ache.)

Running on the treadmill is safer than running outside. You do not need a partner to run on the treadmill. There is no time and weather problem. You can run in the morning or evening at your convenience.

Smooth & shockproof Belt has a relatively soft surface to run on the treadmill. It puts less pressure on the ankles, knees and feet.

Motorized Treadmill Vs Manual Treadmill

First of all, I would recommend you to take a motorized treadmill. Although it is expensive but comfortable. It has a wide LCD display, which shows time, speed, distance, calories, pulse rate.

It comes with a powerful shock absorber to reduce the risk of knee injuries.


How many HP Capacity motors, treadmills should I take?

The first decision is how much HP motorized treadmill to take. The HP of the motor is according to your weight, according to the weight you have to take a treadmill of a motor of 2,3, or 4 HP. According to HP, the treadmill is priced.


What other facilities should be there?

  • Running belt inclination feature: 0% to 15%,
  • Running speed range: 0.8-16 km / hour
  • Lubcrication: Auto-lubrication
  • An emergency stop key must be there to stop the belt in case of any health issues of the runner.
  • It is important to have a service center in your city.





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