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Money Heist is the screenplay of a bank robbery crime drama. Initially, it produced for Spanish TV & named “La casa de Papel, means The House of Paper”.

Initially, Money Heist has been telecast on the Spanish network Antena 3. Total 15 episodes are shown from May to November of 2017.

Later on, Netflix acquired global streaming rights. Netflix reshaped earlier 15 episodes into 22 shorter episodes. Again Netflix released them their own network. Season I streamed in December 2017. Season II released on Netflix in April 2018.

During this period  Spanish-language heist drama “La Casa de Papel” (Money Heist, in English)  became the most-watched non-English original series on Netflix.

So Netflix has gone further & produced Season 3 & 4 of this Spanish Web series. Season III with eight episodes was released in July 2019.

But Season IV, also with eight episodes,  telecasted on Netflix Platform on 3rd April 2020. After release “Money Heist” is continuously increasing its viewers & crosses the no viewers of animated Web-Series “Tiger King”.


DESCRIPTION:- The series is the story of the robbery of the Royal Mint of Spain. Heist is planning of Professor (Alvaro Morte). “The Professor” choose eight people to carry out an ambitious plan of Money Heist. Their code name is based on names of cities such as Tokio, Berlin, etc.

Earlier seasons are concentrated on heist planning & execution only. But Season 4 is full of emotions in the lives of 8 members & also of the professor. This season illustrates the human character of The Professor in addition to the planner.

REASON TO WATCH:- “Money Heist”  is the winner of the Best Drama Series of 46th International Emmy Awards in 2018. Background music & song is the Italian anti-fascist song “Bella ciao,” which become very popular in Europe in 2018.

The heist motive & emotional bonding of the 8 members make it interesting. So you fall in love with the characters of “Money Heist”.

DISTRIBUTOR: Netflix only.

DIRECTOR:- Alex Pina

STARRING:- Alvaro Marte, Pedro Alonso, Itziar ituno, Ursula Carbero,Alba Flares, Roberto Garcia Ruiz, Fernando Soto etc



IMDb RATING:- 8.5 out of 10



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