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Must-See Foreign Tv Series In Hindi At Zee5 Or Youtube

The most common things of Indian Tele serials are as follows –

1. Every Indian TV show will have an ill-hearted Baa and Daadisa who will survive to see 7– 8 generations in the family.

2. All the characters will live in a luxurious type of home.

3. Nobody dies a natural death Either a heart attack or murder.

4. The characters show that they will always ready with well-fashioned sarees with a quintal of gold on their bodies. Even they sleep in such a wonderful dress.

5. They show that women are extremely dumb or clever.

6. They represent that every male character has some extramarital affairs. Most of the teleserial last up to 1000 episodes.

So if you want to see some fresh tele-serials from all over the world, you can switch over to the Youtube Channel for watching some wonderful foreign teleserial.


List of Some Wonderful Foreign Teleserials


Snowdrop is a Ukrainian television series. It is an emotional family drama, which was adapted from the successful South Korean TV series Ice Adonis.

The story of “Snowdrop” is about two stepsisters, Nadya and Irina. Both of them love the same boy IGOR. Accidently Igor’s sister has been killed by Irina in a road accident.

But intentionally Nadia has framed as a criminal for this accident & jailed for three years. After completion of the 3-year jail term, Nadia has freed. Now Nadia starts a revenge game against every culprit.




Fatmagul, the blockbuster Turkish drama. The love-hate relationship & the chemistry between the lead protagonists are a huge reason for the success of the show.

IT is the story of a gang-raped Fatmagul & her fight for justice. Due to high popularity, it has been officially adopted as Hindi Tele-serial named “Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka? “ and telecast on Star Plus.



Kuzey Guney is also a Turkish teleserial. It is the story of two brothers’ love life, a mutual fight. Kuzey is bold, fearless, and open-hearted. But Güney is the exact opposite of Kuzey. He’s calm, the patient doesn’t act without thinking, and is great in school.



Little Lord is a Turkish Comedy Series. It is the story of Little Lord or Little Master Mehmetcan. The child is tensed because his parents are planning the divorce.MehmetCan’s grandfather is a landlord (Ağa in Turkish).

Mehmetcan’s mother is a doctor, while his father owns an advertising agency. In this situation, Mehmetcan tries to reunite his parents. He does naughty things and pranks, causes funny troubles, etc. to make his parents realize his feelings.




Descendants of the Sun is a 2016 South Korean television series. The series was a major hit in South Korea.

It is the story of Yoo Si-jin (the captain of a South Korean Special Forces unit) and his friend Master Sergeant Seo Dae-young. Accidently, Si-jin meets Dr. Kang Mo-yeon (Song Hye-Kyo) & starts loving her.

They start to date, but Si-jin receives his orders to be deployed on a peacekeeping mission in the fictional country of Uruk.

Eight months later, Mo-Yeon rebuffs the sexual advances of the hospital director and as a result, is assigned to lead a medical team to Uruk.

There, Si-jin and Mo-Yeon reunite. From there the story starts at its pace.



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