Netarhat Vidyalaya: A Holistic Education for Tomorrow's Leaders
Netarhat Vidyalaya: A Holistic Education for Tomorrow’s Leaders

Netarhat Vidyalaya  is a residential school to provide holistic education.It is situated in the hills of Netarhat, Jharkhand. Netarhat Vidyalaya: A Beautiful Campus in the Hills of Jharkhand

  • 100 students per Batch
  • 24 students in House
  • 22 Students per class
  • 20 Departments
  • 35 Teachers
  • 1: 15 Teacher Student Ratio


The school is situated at an altitude of about 4,000 feet in the picturesque Netarhat Plateau, surrounded by dense forests and hills. The scenic location and pleasant weather make it an ideal setting for learning and growth.


It was established in 1954 by the Government of Bihar. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and offers education from class VI to XII.


The students have dominated the Regional Mathematics Olympiad and National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) conducted by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).


Netarhat Vidyalaya: A Holistic Education for Tomorrow’s Leaders

History of School

Mr. Frederick Gordon Pearce was the founder of the Indian Public School movement . He was one of the key pillars in the inception of Netarhat Vidyalaya.


After a lot of deliberation, F.G. Pearce’s scheme finally received the general approval of the Bihar Govt. in 1952.


The Residential School was opened on 15th November, 1954 at Netarhat with Charles Napier as its first Principal.


The first batch of students numbering 60 was admitted in 1954 for a six-year course.


Netarhat Vidyalaya has a Main building .It has  Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer and Fine Arts departments with its own lecture theatre and laboratory.

The school library and the Counselling Cell are also located in the Main building.

There are two wings located either side of the main building. The north wing comprises of language departments and the south wing comprises of Social Science and Mathematics Departments.

There are 24 Class Rooms attached with teacher room. The school has workshops – Metal work and Wood work. Music, Agricultural and Games faculties are also rich.

There are 11 playgrounds in the school arena.

21 Hostels (Ashrams) for the accommodation of children.



Netarhat Vidyalaya is a Hindi medium school. It  follows the Jharkhand board curriculum.


But it is strongly focuses on English and Sanskrit. Here, Students learn vocational skills, agriculture, gardening, arts, craft, and music, preparing them for the world.


Fee Structure

The State Government covers every cost incurred by the school. The amount of the subsidy that the students’ guardians pay is proportionate to their income.


A, B, C, D, and E are the five income groups have been framed. All enrolled students are divided into these category. Each group’s set fees must be paid by student.


Netarhat Vidyalaya: Where Students Excel in Academics and Extracurricular Activities.

Skill Development

Academics are only one aspect of true learning. Students are urged to discover their skills and strengths outside of the classroom and through co-curricular activities.


This guarantees the complete growth of students and fosters the values and skills necessary to equip them for a world that is changing quickly.


Activities that the Boys Engaged in

1. Woodwork,  2. Metal Work, 3. Gardening, 4. Painting, 5. Music,  6. Dramatics, 7. Journalism, 8. Trekking, 9.  Rock Climbing, 10. Library, 11. Reading


Languages And Literature

Literature and language are crucial instruments for kids to develop their personalities.


Students can study new languages and use them to their advantage in developing their careers through debates, elocution, and seminars.

  • Poem Recitation
  • Elocution Competition
  • Debate
  • Seminar/Paper reading


Sports Programmes

Education shouldn’t just take place in schoolrooms. On a sports pitch, too, one can learn some of life’s most significant lessons.


Sports programmes at Netarhat Vidyalaya encourage students to work as a team and exhibit leadership qualities.

1. Athletics, 2. Cross Country, 3. P. T. , 4. Hockey, 5. Volleyball, 6. Football,  7. Cricket,




To encourage sensitivity, discipline, and cognitive growth in pupils, performing in plays, singing, dancing, or picking up an instrument is crucial.


Teachers at Netarhat Vidyalaya are passionate about inspiring students to take part in a variety of cultural events.

  • Inter Ashram Hindi Drama ,
  • Music Competition (Folk song etc.)
  • Inter Ashram English Drama


Admission Procedure

The school conducts an Open Competition. There are two types of Written Tests- Preliminary (Subjective) and Mains (Objective).


The standard of the Written Examination is approximately that of the Class VI and subjects tested are :

  • Languages and Literature
  •  Mathematics
  •  General Knowledge comprising of Life science and Social science

Considering region of the student-population, the tests are held in English, Hindi, and Bengali.

Boys,which qualify the test, are selected for Psychological tests and interviews.


And the final results are declared only after selected candidates undergo a Medical examination conducted under the supervision of civil surgeon.


The quota of reservation in admission is followed as per the Govt. policy and circular.


Tentative Admission Schedule


SlItemDetails /Date
1.Qualification5th Class Pass
2.Application ProcessOnline/Offline
3.Start Date2/3rd of October
4.Last DateLast Week of November
5.Admit Card2/3rd of February
7.Examination DateLast Week of February
8.Result2/3rd of May


Anybody who has qualified the Netarhat Vidyalaya Exam and studying there, please share their experience with us which is very helpful for others.



All content has been taken from the Netarhat Vidyalaya Website. Only for the understanding purpose, the original content has been illustrated. Above shown images are used for illustrative purposes only. No Copyright infringement intended.


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Netarhat Vidyalaya: A Holistic Education for Tomorrow’s Leaders INDIAN RAILWAY MEDICAL CATEGORY -A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 C1 & C2 Different Topics of Geology Paper for Academics.
Netarhat Vidyalaya: A Holistic Education for Tomorrow’s Leaders INDIAN RAILWAY MEDICAL CATEGORY -A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 C1 & C2 Different Topics of Geology Paper for Academics.