Soulmate Finding Technique or Parameter For Bride/Groom
Soulmate Finding Technique or Parameter




Priorities for soul mate search is varied from person to person. But I have written here seven most useful standards for the selection of soulmates.


For more clarification, I have divided them on marks wise on the 100 mark system. Pointwise you give marks to your soulmate qualities.


Adding them u will get hints for a better soulmate. Description of every point has mentioned below.

Sl.CategoryTentative Marks
1.Physical Compatibility:-Complexion-06 marks,Height-08 marks,Body type- 6 maks20
2.Education & Earnings20
3.Bride Family15
5.Geographical Area10
6.Economic Status of Bride Family10
7.Age Difference10

I. Physical Compatibility

Physical Compatibility of partners such as Complexion, Height & Body type. Fatty or slim girl can become slim or fatty in due course of time. But height will not change after 18 years. So take care of the selection of partner height. Such as 6 feet height marries with 5 feet girl or reverse.


II. Education & Earnings

It is the most important thing. Choose your partner not only on looks but also consider intelligence not only a college degree but also the subject studied.

The educated couple becomes better parents regarding the care & education of children. Because the mother is the first & best teacher for your children.

In case of groom selection, groom job & earning is most important. For confirmation of Groom job & earning, Go & Consult to the HR department of Employer Company.

In the case of Businessman Groom, Check his Business type, place, Assets & Future aspect of his running Business.


III. Bride Family

Our personality reflects our family background. Normally children are biased toward either their maternal or paternal family. Disturbed or uncommon family background of your soul mate will create problems in your & also children life.


IV. Culture

The Same culture is more comfortable than new or different culture. For example, if a Bengali marries with Bihari. In this condition, they feel some differences in their whole married life.

Soulmate Finding Technique or Parameter For Bride/Groom


V. Geographical Area

Marriage in the same geographical area is good for the mutual adoption of both families. Due to the same geographical area, both families will habituate of the same type of living.


VI. Economic Status of Bride Family

It is always better to marry a girl of the same economic status compared to your family. In this case, your lifestyle cost will be the same.


VII. Age Difference

Due to upbringing & effect of Indian Culture, a girl matures faster than boys in especially in Indian Subcontinent. So it is better to keep a gap of 3-6 years in between wife & husband. There is no scientific reason behind this advice. It is just experienced by observing various marriage couples in society.

Soulmate Finding Technique or Parameter For Bride/Groom


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