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Various types of technical training programs are available for engineers. Here they are explained in brief. Some of them are as flows:

1. For Power Sector:-If you want to join the power sector, NPTIs is best suited for Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics Engineers. They provide you a certificate for operation of 630 MW/210 MW/430 MW Power Plant.


Just after admission in NPTI, Power Companies conducts In- Campus Interview. So Power Plant companies can hire such Certification Holders for running their Power Plant. More details about NPTI is here –Power Sector.


2. Renewable Energy Sector:-Bellow mentioned News shows huge opportunities in Solar Energy: Solar power tariff in India reached another historic low of Rs. 2.62 per kWh, becoming cheaper than those at many coal-fired plants.

The latest auction at the Adani Renewable Energy Park in Rajasthan on 12th May 2017.

50 MW at Rs. 2.62 per unit to Phelan Energy Group of South Africa.

100 MW at Rs. 2.62 per unit to Avaada Power Pvt Ltd of South Africa.

100 MW at Rs. 2.63 per unit to SBG Cleantech (a joint venture of Japan’s Softbank, Bharti Airtel, Foxcomm Ltd of South Africa.)

Here I have mentioned brief details of a training program on Solar Energy & list of various companies.



3. Designing Sector:- Learning core branch software is a very good option. You can take the training of these courses even in summer or winter vacations. This Design software provides you White Collar job.

As a designer, you can start designing a firm after certain experience & exposure to the market. There are various CITDs (Central Tool & Design Room) for short & long-term courses such as Uni Graphics, CAD/CAM, Pro-E, etc.



4. Aviation Sector:-New Civil Aviation Policy 2016 will bring a bright future to the Aviation sector in India.

Airfare of about Rs 2500 per passenger for a one-hour flight. It means, there is a huge increase in Air traffic in country & development of regional air routes.

The government has scrapped the controversial 5/20 norm and now any domestic airline can fly overseas provided they deploy 20 planes or 20 percent of their total capacity for domestic operations.

Indian Cabinet sanctioned new funding norms. Now VGF(Viability Gap Funding) to be shared between the Ministry of Civil Aviation and State Governments in the ratio of 80:20. For the North-Eastern States, the ratio is 90:10.

There will be no airport charges. Reduced Service tax on tickets for 1 year initially, Reduced Excise duty at 2% on ATF picked at RCS airports. The state government will provide police and fire services free of cost. Power, water, and other utilities will be provided at concessional rates.

There are some jobs are also available for Mechanical /Aeronautical /Electrical / Electronics /Telecommunications /Instrumentation / Electronics & Communication Engineering in Aviation sector.


5. Piping design:-For Mechanical & Chemical Engineers, there is huge scope in Fluid Mechanics means Piping Designing. After completing of courses from FCRI-Kerala, you will become a successful piping engineer. You are fit for Petroleum Industry.


6. NDT Courses:-Material Inspector job is also a white-collar job. After doing material testing course means Non-Destructive Test Courses NDT Courses from these institutes- you get more chance of the better job in private & Govt sector as Inspector.


7. IT Software Sector:-Nowadays every engineering college provides knowledge of C, C++, JAVA, HTML. If you interested in this sector you can get training of short or long term course from CDAC It will give you the knowledge of software and also the brand name. You can also learn PHP & CSS for web designing at college time.


8. Robotics:-It is an interdisciplinary field of the branches of Electronics, Electrical, Computer science, and Mechanical engineering. Robotics is the demand of time. It is a new challenging field for Engineers.



9. Automation:-It is a combination of Mechanics, electronics, robotics, electricals, and automation. Courses are available for Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Telecommunication and also for mechanical Engineers. Automation is the demand of every small & Big industry. Courses are available at NIELIT.



Conclusion:-At last I suggest you, please register at NATS ( National Apprentice Training Service). Apprentice work provides u experience real job & also provides one year more for the preparation of Govt. Job or other job planning. So after Degree or Diploma must register yourself in the NATS portal & get enrollment No.



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