Today I got an amazing web-series “The Kicks” on Amazon Prime Videos. It is based on parenting and sports activity of children.

“The Kicks” is an American comedy family drama.

“The Kicks” Web-series is based on the best-selling book series of The Kicks, written by U.S. soccer star Player Alex Morgan.

She got awards in 2012 such as “ U.S. Soccer Female Athlete” and also “FIFA World Player” of the Year finalist.

DESCRIPTION:- “The Kicks” is the story of Davin Burke ( Sixx Orange). She lives in Connecticut ( USA). His father ( Tim Martin Gleason) got a promotion & transferred to California.

Now Devin with his mother ( Monica lacy) & younger brother shifted to California.

Davin has a younger brother Bailey (Gabe Eggerling). Bailey is a very talented photographer & great in Maths. But parents are more concentrated on Devin. It disturbs the bailey.


Davin is a star player at Connecticut School Team. Now she joins New School at California & School Soccer Team-The Kenville Kicks. Davin finds that her school team is below standard in the case of players, coaches, etc.

The main Rival Team of The Kentville Kicks is Pinewood Academy’s Girls team. Suddenly in mid-season, the coach of her team was absent due to personal reasons.

Temporarily School put them under Boy’s Coach’s control on their practicing field. But Boy Team’s coach doesn’t give them serious attention.

Now there is a big issue is to get a new coach. Will the Kentville Kicks defeat the Pinewood Academy’s team in the future?

Will they get a new coach before the match with Pinewood Academy’s Girl Team.

REASON TO WATCH:- This web series teaches great lessons of Parenting such as punishment of children, slack of attention on second child compared to the first one.

It shows practical ways to adjust to a new location after transfer during the job.

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Basement Plays Entertainment, Full Fathom Five Picrow, Amazon Studios.

DIRECTOR:- Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum

STARRING:- Sixx Orange, Monica Lacy, Tim Martin Gleason, Gabe Eggerling, Isabella Acres, Emyri Crutchfield etc

AUDIO:– Hindi, English.

Subtitles:- Hindi, English.

IMDb RATING:- 7.0 out of 10

Season I:- 10 Episodes only

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