Today I have seen Season-II of Jack Ryan (2020) Web-series. It is an American Web-series. Jack Ryan Web-series is available on Amazon Prime.

Jack Ryan Web-series is based on the Book – Ryanverse, which has created by Tom Clancy. Jack Ryan is a fictional character from this book. It is also called Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.

It is the most popular character in Hollywood. The first time, Alxender Baldwin played as Jack Rayan in submarine Spy Thriller “ The Hunt for Red October “ in 1990.

Harrison Ford has played the role of Jack Rayan in the spy thriller movies “Patriot Games” in1992, which is the sequel of  “ The Hunt for Red October “. “Clear and Present Danger” is 3rd sequel of this series in1994. This movie also was done by Harrison Ford.

Again after a gap of 8 years, Ben Affleck played as Jack Rayan. He portrayed as CIA analyst in the thriller “ The Sum of All Fears”.

In 2014, Chris Pine acts as Jack Rayan in the spy thriller “ Shadoe Recruit”. This movie is a tribute to Tom Clancy, who was died in 2013.

Now Amazon Prime video is showing Tom Clancy’s Jack Rayan in form of Web-Series. Season – I have been premiered on August 31, 2018.

the second season also premiered on October 31, 2019. Again Amazon is planning to show off on Season III of Tom Clancy’s Jack Rayan in 2020.


DESCRIPTION:- Jack Ryan (John Krasinski), an Ex-marine turned as an Economical analyst in CIA Headquarters. Jack Ryan is the hero of the Web Series, other characters are also equally focused. Another most important character is Jim Greer(Wendell Pierce).

The first Season is about Mousa bin Suleiman, a Lebanon-born Islamic terrorist. Mousa bin Suleiman has skilled in finance but radicalized in France after graduating from there.

Jack Rayan analyses abnormal funding in the account of Mousa bin Suleiman. He discussed with authority & wants a field job for more analysis of the situation in Lebanon. From here, Jack Ryan attached with Jim Greer.

Season – II is a story of political warfare in a corrupt Venezuela. This country is suffering an economic meltdown that results in mass migration. CIA tracks a suspicious shipment in the Venezuelan jungle.

After that CIA sends  Jack Ryan &  Jim Greer to Venezuela for further investigation.

REASON TO WATCH:- “Jack Ryan” Web-series has a Very compelling series with excellent acting and writing of each episode.  “Jack Ryan” Web-series is based on Political Drama & Tech-Military operation.

Each episode is military action-packed with great suspense. Ali Suleiman, as Suleiman is a blessing to this show. He makes a very valid case for his actions.

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Genre Arts, Push, Boot, Platinum Dunes, Skydance Television, Paramount Television, Amazon Studios.

DIRECTOR:- Carlton Cuse, Graham Roland

STARRING:- John Krasinski, Wendell Perce, Dina Shihabi, Abbie Cornish, Ali Suliman, etc

AUDIO:– Hindi, Deutsche, English, Spanish ( Spain), Spanish (Latin America), French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese.

Subtitles:- Arabic, Danish, English, Spanish ( Spain), Spanish (Latin America) , French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese, Suomi (Finland), Abrit, Hindi, Indonesia, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Nederlands, Russian, Svenska, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Chinese (Simplified), Traditional Chinese

IMDb RATING:- 8.1 out of 10

Season I:- 18 Episodes only

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