Visiting Student Research Programme (VSRP) By TATA

Basically, it is a Summer Research Fellowship program of two months in Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology/ Mathematics/ Computer & Systems Sciences. All information has been collected from the TIFR website.


Selection is purely based on the academic performance of the student, submitted write-up ( A write-up of up to 400 words), and referee reports. Referees can fill the online report form until one week after the last date.


Referees should be teachers or persons with whom you have interacted academically. There is no selection test/interview.


VSRP program is for students currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s program and not for Ph.D. students or faculty members.

Selected students are paid a monthly stipend @ Rs 7000/- per month and to and fro travel reimbursement from the place of their residence. Also, free shared accommodation on- or off-campus is provided.

The Visiting Students’ Research Programme (VSRP-2019) will be held at TIFR, Mumbai during the period May 6 to June 28, 2019.

VSRP for Mathematics will be held from May 14 – June 14, 2019. For details, please also see the School of Mathematics website.

VSRP at NCRA, Pune will be held from May 2 to June 28, 2019.

Other queries/ Confusion has been explained on the website of TIFR, which are mentioned below.


How much GPA / % is required to get admission into the VSRP program?

There is no cut-off GPA / % that is needed for the VSRP program. We look at the overall profile while making a decision. This includes academic performance as evinced by grades/GPA, referee reports, your write-up, etc.


Who can apply? What are the eligibility criteria for students to apply?

students in the final year of a three-year undergraduate program (e.g B.Sc.) or pre-final year of a four-year degree program (e.g . BTech) or in a post-graduate/Masters’s program are eligible to apply.

Students finishing two years of undergraduate study before the commencement date of the program are also eligible to apply. Students who have applied to the VSRP program before but NOT selected can also apply to Ph.D. students who are not eligible for the VSRP program.


It is not clear if any program is available for XXXX Engg. related research or if pre-final year XXXX Engg. the student is eligible for a VSRP project in the YYYY department.

Anyone with any eligible degree is free to apply to any department. We do not restrict students from exploring projects in other areas if they demonstrate a keen interest and competency. Your research write-up, recommendations, etc. are all important, not just the degree/GPA.


I am from India, but I am currently pursuing my undergraduate studies in the US. I am interested in applying to VSRP.

At present, the VSRP program admits only those students pursuing their studies at institutions within India. However, We would encourage you to visit TIFR and interact with members in your area of interest when you visit India.


Will I have to compulsorily stay at TIFR during the full duration of the program?

No, but given the intensity of the project, it will be very difficult for you to work on it if you do not stay somewhere close enough.

I am doing MSc in Physics. I am super interested in going for a summer project on the topic “Spin injection through different g-factor heterointerfaces using negative trials…..” Please mail me more information about the project as soon as possible so that I can apply for …….

The students do not decide the project topic as a rule. Depending on your interest and competency, the department will assign you a project guide (if you are selected), and you will together decide on the details of the project.

If you would really like to work in a very particular area please mention your interests on the VSRP application form.


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