Important drinks for Happy Married Life using herbs

First thing, it is not sponsored post. In my married life, we used these drinks as per requirement. They kept us fit & fine for being Mom-dad of two kids with extraordinary medical expenses.

These are the juice of herbs, you can take them in your usual life without being ill. Note:- Before consuming any of them,  please consult your doctor first.

Ashavgandha Root Juice :-

Very useful in Arthritis, insomnia, and fatigue. Increases vitality & vigor. Acts as a sexual tonic & also increases weight and strength.


Mushli Juice :-

Useful in general weaknesses, Accelerates vitality, power, and vigour, Increases sperm count.


Bala Panchang Juice :-

Very effective in Infertility & Increases Sperm count,also increases body’s Immunity & Prevents Fever,Best in Colitis, Very effective in Dengue fever.


Wheat Grass Juice:-

BENEFIT-:Increases hemoglobin. Effective in diabetes, cancer, typhoid, psoriasis diseases, dengue, and fever. It normalizes all body toxins. Useful in heart blockages, Parkinson’s, arthritis, gouts, obesity, and anemia. Best for the immune system.


Bakayan Juice:-

Useful in Skin Problems & reduces in intestinal worms, Helps in cleansing toxins from the body, Natural Pain Killer, Best in Pregnancy and Piles, Useful in subcutaneous fat deposits.


Yonipuspa Juice :-

Best tonic for females, very effective in menstruation problems, best in all kinds of Uterus disease.


Satawar Juice : –

Benefits: Very effective in epilepsy, all kinds of weakness, nervous disorders, shivering of hands. It is an excellent sperm count increasing tonic.It increases milk levels in females after pregnancy.


Aloevera Juice:-

Ideal tonic for arthritis & joint pains. Contains multivitamins and minerals, supplements daily nutrient need. Effective in constipation and gas.Controls blood pressure. Checks gastric & liver problems.

Note: Avoid using in pregnancy, bleeding disorders & piles.


Loki Juice: –

Useful in Heart disease, Blood Pressure, Acidity, Constipation, Gas, Falling Hair, Obesity & every type of fever.


Amla Juice : –

Amla juice is an excellent antioxidant with a high source of Vitamin C.Best for Hair, Beneficial in Diabetes, Helps in Constipation & Acidity. Boosts Immune System, Increases EyeSight.



Monthwise intake method to take AMLA juice:-January – February- With Choti pipal, March – April – With honey, May – June – With gur,July – August – With rock salt, September – October – With shakkar, November – December – With Sonth.


Giloy Juice :-

Helps in controlling diabetes. Prevents all types of flu and virus infections. It is beneficial in acidity and indigestion. Better for liver and kidney. Filled with Vitamin C and A.



The above-written material is taken from AXIOM’s website. It has only been used for example. No copyright infringement is intended. These juices can be taken at your own risk. This is not any kind of medical advice. Before intake of the above juice, consult your doctor.

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